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What Baron Corbin was thinking when he cut his hair

Baron Corbin is bald now and WWE knew it could get some sweet, sweet views if they filmed his haircut and posted it to YouTube so that’s exactly what they did. As of this writing, the above video has over 500K views, for just a one minute video of a guy shaving his head.


Then again, here we are.

What I found interesting wasn’t necessarily the haircut itself but rather what Corbin was thinking while it was happening. Right before they start, his head is in a good place:

“Do we wanna pony it and see if we can’t donate it?”

And then it very quickly goes to Twitter:

“Now all the losers on Twitter are going to have one less thing to complain about. It’s a sad day for them.”

Imagine social media having that much of an effect on you that you can’t even get a haircut without thinking about the reaction it will (or will not) have there.

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