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Roman Reigns squashes Sunil Singh instead of Jinder Mahal

For those who wanted to watch Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal twice in the span of six days, we have some bad news for you. Tonight (Jun. 11) the WWE hyped up a one on one match between Reigns and Mahal on Raw, instead the Modern Day Maharaja had other plans.

After informing Reigns that he challenged Reigns to a match but he didn’t say against who, the former WWE World Champion flipped the script. First Mahal teased a surprise The Great Khali appearance then he literally fed Sunil Singh to Reigns.

The Raw live crowd didn’t like it. Singh didn’t really like it and Roman Reigns just squashed him in less than a minute.

Post-match, Mahal jumped Reigns while he wasn’t looking and hand his music played as the segment came to a close.

If you’re keeping score at home, its Reigns 1, Mahal 1 and Singh 0. Who wins on Sunday, the Big Dog or the Modern Day Maharaja?

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