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Here’s what the ‘CM’ in CM Punk stands for

CM Punk

Regardless of the eventual outcome of the trial, we may never know definitively if Phil “CM Punk” Brooks sought treatment for a lump on his back from WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann. This he said/he said will continue until a day one of them agrees with the other’s account, a day that’s unlikely to ever come.

But we have learned some things from the proceedings going on in Cook County, Illinois this week. And one of them is another thing many wrestling fans thought it was unlikely we’d ever know 100% for sure*.

From Ross Berman’s report for WrestleZone on Fri., June 1’s morning session, which featured testimony from Brooks:

“Punk confirms that being a member of a tag team The Chick Magnets is where his CM comes from, thus entering into public record that CM stands for ‘Chick Magnet’”

That was one of the rumored possibilities (the other I often heard was “Chicago Made”), and now it’s confirmed. And in a court of law, no less.

Of course, I suppose it’s possible he’s still lying, even under oath. He is a self-professed “sociopathic straightedge atheist jerk” after all.

* As many better wrestling fans than me have pointed out, this has been mentioned before. Some of us didn’t know, and it’s also a lot more fun (IMHO) for it to come out in court than on a WWE DVD. So, congrats, you’ve “well, actually”-ed me. Now let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.

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