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NXT TakeOver: Chicago 2 match card & rumors (SPOILERS)

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NXT is doing the back-to-back tapings thing at Full Sail this week. This looks to be because their trip to the United Kingdom and Europe will be happening in early June when they’d normally film one last batch of episodes before their next WWE Network live special. Whatever the reason, it means we’re getting a good idea about what the card for June 16’s Takeover: Chicago 2 will look like more than a month before the show.

Here’s the card for the night before Money in the Bank in Allstate Arena, as it stands based on Wednesday (May 9) night’s spoilers (get them in full here):

- Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa in a Street Fight

Blackheart followed up almost (kayfabe) ending Gargano’s career with an attack which inadvertantly (?) left medics checking on Candice LeRae. So... Johnny’s gonna try to follow-up their five star classic from NOLA by killing his former tag partner in the same building where this feud started last year.

- Aleister Black (c) vs. Lars Sullivan for the NXT championship

Black was fairly absent at the first night in Winter Park, but the Loquacious Leviathan interrupted his lone appearance after besting Ricochet and Velveteen Dream in a handicap match. He then challenged him, and beat him down.

- Nikki Cross vs. Shayna Baszler (c) for the NXT Women’s title

SAnitY’s orphan jumped Baszler after Shayna successfully defended her title against Dakota Kai, then grabbed the strap and issued the challenge. As excited as I am to see Nikki get another well-deserved title shot, this also feels like it might be a way for her to go out on her back before following EY and crew to the main roster.

Another match they seem to be building to is...

- Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream

The One And Only was left high and dry by Dream in their two-on-one bout with Sullivan. Seems we might finally get to see a match house show crowds have been raving about.

That still leaves a lot of big names and a several titles off the card. You have to figure Undisputed ERA, with or without a Tag or North American Championship defense, will show up in Second City one way or another. Will they still be beefing with United Kingdom Titleholder Pete Dunne, or will that wrap up in Royal Albert Hall? What about EC3?

Let us know what you think - about what we know and what’s still unanswered - below.