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Here’s Corey Graves laughing about Corey Graves laughing about Titus O’Neil’s Greatest Royal Rumble fall

There’s not much to set-up here. If you’ve seen Titus O’Neil trip and slide under the ring while running to enter the Greatest Royal Rumble match (and we’re not sure how you could have missed it), that’s all the background you need.

Corey Graves was one of the announcers when it happened. He lost it. It was great. Since this post is about guys commenting on their own reactions to things, here’s mine from that exact moment on Friday, April 27:

Back to the Savior of Misbehavior, in a recent appearance on his WWE co-worker Sam Roberts Sirius XM The Jim and Sam Show, Roberts broke down the moment with Graves. Who broke even more at the sound of himself breaking while O’Neil slides under the ring.

Apologies to Bobby Roode, it is glorious.

“I’ve watched wrestling for 30 years, and that is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”

Same here, Graves. Same here.

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