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WWE Raw viewers down big for Backlash fallout show

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Backlash was not a good show for WWE and while simply watching it would tell you that, it seems plenty of fans showed their disapproval by not tuning in to Monday Night Raw the very next evening. This week’s episode drew 2.68 million viewers, down big from last week’s 3.06 million.

It’s the lowest number the show has drawn in 2018.

The hourly breakdown is bleak:

Hour one: 2.78 million
Hour two: 2.73 million
Hour three: 2.54 million

That is not good!

There was competition in the form of both the NBA and NHL Playoffs, of course, but that’s a big drop coming one night after a pay-per-view. Then again, as noted, that pay-per-view was not well received.

We’ll see how they rebound next week now that we’re on the road to a show that always seems to do well, Money in the Bank.

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