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Triple H says UK hosting a WWE PPV is a matter of when, not if

Premiere Of HBO's 'Andre The Giant' - Red Carpet Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

He’s still working on getting the United Kingdom Championship division their own weekly television show, but WWE fans in the UK are asking Triple H for something bigger.

Working his gimmick as Paul Levesque: Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative, Trips is doing press in the country ahead of the main roster’s European tour which starts later this week, and the UK Championship division and NXT’s shows there next month. While talking to SkySports, WWE’s recent show from Saudi Arabia and some “We want ‘Mania” chants which were heard the last time the company was in London came up. The Game said he admires that fans have set their sights high, but he also told them to slow their roll. He did give them something to shoot for, however:

“If you’re going to set an ambition, set it high. As we always say, never say never. WrestleMania is a week-long series of events and the logistics of executing that week along with the week leading into it and the week after it are extraordinarily difficult in our own back yard.

Doing them internationally with international crews and international support systems and everything else is a factor of difficulty way beyond what we have in the US.

Can we get there? Sure, maybe over time. We would take steps in that direction and those steps are probably other pay-per-views...

It’s definitely something we’re looking towards... But we will get there. For everybody that’s waiting it seems to be forever but we will get there, I promise.”

He explains a lot of the cost and logistic issues WWE is working on addressing which will allow them to eventually do more events internationally. But if that stuff is over your head or you’re just not interested in a bunch of reasons/excuses, at least you’ve got that promise.

A Great Balls of Fire could soon be yours, Brit Graps fans!

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