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WWE SmackDown Live results (May 8, 2018): Money in the Bank qualifying matches

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WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 8, 2018) from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the fallout show from the Backlash pay-per-view (PPV) that went down this past Sunday night in New Jersey.

Advertised for tonight: Money in the Bank qualifying matches like The Miz vs. Jeff Hardy, Rusev vs. Daniel Bryan, and Charlotte vs. Peyton Royce. Plus, more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Gather the wind, though the wind won’t help you fly at all, your back’s to the wall! Chain the sun, and it tears away and it breaks you as you run, you run, you run! Behind the smile, there’s danger and a promise to be told: you’ll never get old. Life’s fantasy - to be locked away and still to think you’re free, but me, I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Paige in the ring welcoming us.

She says the first co-branded pay-per-view was a smashing success and recounts the highlights, including Bryan’s first singles win on his comeback, Carmella beating Charlotte Flair, and the, uh, WWE Championship situation. AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura was on its way to being an instant classic until they got into a low blow confrontation neither man could recover from.

She didn’t foresee that when she made the match no DQ, but we’ll hear from both men later. She brings up Money in the Bank and says we’ll have two ladder matches, one for the men and one for the women, with people from both brands competing in both. Whoever wins takes the contract back to their brand, so she needs the best that SmackDown has to offer.

And that means qualifying matches, starting right now.

Jeff Hardy vs. the Miz (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Hardy with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block bowls the Miz over! Back to the lockup, the A-Lister goes behind, standing switch, reversed to a wristlock, reversed again, Jeff with a side headlock, shot off and again he bowls Miz over and follows with a big splash for two. Miz tries to pick his leg, Hardy fights him off, around the ring, leg lariat off the steps!

Back inside, Jeff heads up top but Miz begs off clear across the ring and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Hardy is running wild with arm drags and takes Miz down into an armbar! The A-Lister posts to his feet, uses a handful of hair for leverage and shoots him off, but gets arm dragged right back into the armbar again! Again to his feet, this time breaking with punches to the face, whip across, Jeff with a kick to the face but the Jawbreaker is denied and a kick gets a nearfall!

Knee to the back into a reverse chinlock, Miz trying to grind Brother Nero down but he gets to his feet and fights out wiht elbows. Duck the lariat, the backbreaker / neckbreaker combo connects but can’t put Hardy away! Tearing at Jeff’s face, kneeling surfboard applied, Hardy gets to his feet, slings chops, back suplex but Miz lands on his feet!

Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, Miz passes Jeff to the floor, slingshot dropkick dodged, over by the barricade and the A-Lister atomic drops him crotch-first into the barricade! Hardy ducks a lariat, ducks a backfist, caught by a headbutt, Jeff stands up and does a splash off the barricade! Back inside to beat the count, blocking punches and throwing them back is Hardy.

Whip reversed, big forearm, Manhattan Drop into the double leg drop and into the basement dropkick and the United States Champion is rolling! Twist of Fate blocked, Skull-Crushing Finale dodged, trying a backslide instead but Hardy blocks! Backslide attempt of his own, reversed, Jeff floats over and hits the Twist of Fate! Perched up top for the Swanton and Miz rolls out of the way!

Kick to the arm on the apron and a WICKED hangman’s neckbreaker puts the back of Jeff’s skull into the apron and sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Hardy gets a jawbreaker off and both men are down and out. On their knees, slugging it out, rising to their feet, Jeff pulls ahead and gets a Russian legsweep off into a double leg rana... NOPE! Up top, Whisper in the Wind connects but can’t put the Miz away! Twist of Fate blocked, Miz to the apron, legsweep and a baseball slide force the A-Lister to the floor!

Slingshot senton follows, back inside, Hardy climbs and Miz cuts him off! Climbing to join him, looking for a superplex, blocked, right hands and hammerfists, Jeff hits a sunset flip powerbomb... AND CAN’T END THE MATCH! Hardyac Arrest blocked with boots, Twist of Fate denied, Skull-Crushing Finale reversed to a victory roll... NO GOOD! The leg-feed rolling solebutt connects, Hardyac Arrest follows and Miz is glassy-eyed and staggered!

Kick to the gut, Twist of Fate hits again, headed up top, Swanton Bomb connects but Miz reverses the pin...

Miz wins by pinfall with a crucifix pin, qualifying for the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Backstage, Sheamus is eating Lucky Charms and Cesaro rolls up to ask what he’s doing. Sheamus says they’re the only thing that make him feel better after losing to Xavier Woods last week. Cesaro says he thought he had it and Sheamus offers up an excuse. Cesaro says it would have been different if he were in the match and Sheamus challenges him to do better.

Cesaro is for it, saying nobody makes a fool of the Bar two weeks in a row. On the same page, they fist bump and Cesaro opens his bag to see it full of pancakes. Sheamus is all giggles until he opens his bag and sees it full of pancakes as well. They dump their bags out in a pancake-induced rage.

Commentary hypes up our two remaining qualifying matches and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a video package for the yet-to-debut SAnitY, focusing on each member in turn.

Renee Young interviews Shinsuke Nakamura at the door to his dressing room about how he’s not cleared to compete tonight, but he demures again, saying he doesn’t speak English. She says we’ve heard him speak English before, and he admits that that’s true, but he’s forgotten it. Asked if there’s anything he’d like to say to AJ Styles, he says AJ is nuts but so is he and they’re not finished.

Carmella gets a handcam promo where she brags about beating Charlotte Flair and is gonna party, but not in a low-rent city like Baltimore. No, she’s gonna party next week in the UK with a Royal Mellabration.

Charlotte Flair makes her entrance, but her match will wait until after the break.

Back from commercial, we get a handcam promo from Tye Dillinger about how he’s going to win Money in the Bank. Another one from Naomi follows where she lists her accolades and promises to win and cash in and get her title back.

The Iconic Duo come out and Billie Kay starts talking, saying they have some positive news, and she’s still an inspiration. Her uncle Craig has had an awful stutter his whole life, but when he saw the look on Charlotte’s face when she lost, that look sent him into hysterics. He laughed for an hour straight and even fell off the couch, you see, and it cured his stutter.

Kay thanks Flair for that and says she wants to bottle the look and sell it as a fragrance called “Disappointment by Charlotte”, and Peyton Royce tries to copy the look, but it’s only funny when Charlotte does it. Royce syas she’s gonna make it happen again right now. The Money in the Bank briefcase is about the future, and the future is Iconic.

Charlotte Flair vs. Peyton Royce (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)

Collar and elbow, Flair backing Royce into the corner and breaking with a slap to the face! Waistlock takedown follows, a second, but a third is blocked by a back elbow and Charlotte shifts to the chops. Fallaway slam connects and we go to break as Flair dumps Peyton to the floor.

Back from commercial, Charlotte is on the floor writhing in agony as the Iconic Duo taunt her. Back inside, hammering blow to the back into a reverse chinlock, wrenching it in only for Flair to escape with a jawbreaker. Back suplex, Peyton lands on her feet and puts her into the post for a nearfall! Smashing her face into the turnbuckle, choking her with one foot... LOTUS LOCK IN THE ROPES!

Smashing face to mat, overhead elbows, Royce is still rolling and goes back to the reverse chinlock. Flair off the ropes, connects with a kick and then a neckbreaker and gets herself some breathing room. Blocking punches, returning her own, Peyton gets a knee lift in, whip reversed and she walks into a series of chops! Charlotte’s Web comes up empty, but a back suplex lands true!

Kay tries to save her pal but Charlotte takes her out with a plancha! Royce with a neckbreaker on the floor and she rolls her back in... NOPE! Billie with the assist, a reverse roundhouse but they still can’t put the Queen away! Charlotte with a schoolboy pin, only two, the reverse roundhouse ducked and Flair hits the big boot for a breather!

Moonsault connects but the knees are up and it’s Royce that gets the nearfall! Knee trembler... CHARLOTTE’S STILL IN IT! Peyton draws her up, Flair slips out, off the ropes, spear... only a nearfall! Spinning toehold, reverse to a pin, no good, Charlotte with an O’Connor roll, nope, figure four applied...

Charlotte Flair wins by submission with the Figure Eight, qualifying for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

We get a still picture recap of Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass and go backstage where Bryan is warming up and being interviewed.

He says tonight the stakes are so high you have to fight through your pain, but don’t forget why Cass attacked him-- he made the big man tap out. Last time he won Money in the Bank, he cashed in on Big Show to become champion, right here in Baltimore. He’s got a history of defying expectations, and tonight is no different. The bigger they are, the faster they tap.

Commentary hypes up Cesaro/Woods and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Shelton Benjamin gets a handcam promo talking about how Money in the Bank is a match he made famous and he’s gonna take the opportunity that’s been denied him.

Asuka gets a straight-up promo about wanting to retrieve the contract and cash in on Carmella.

Cesaro vs. Xavier Woods

Circling, collar and elbow, Woods grabs a side headlock but Cesaro takes him down and rides him before jawing at him. Big E starts throwing pancakes to the people and Cesaro nearly heads to the floor to stop him but Xavier cuts him off. Shoulder block, drop down, catch the leapfrog, O’Connor roll blocked, duck a lariat, Woods lands a tilt-a-whirl headscissors!

Body blows in the corner, Cesaro turns him around but Xavier keeps throwing punches. Stopping himself short from running into referee Jason Ayers, Cesaro takes full advantage and hits a northern lariat! Karelin lift connects and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Cesaro has Woods locked down in an abdominal stretch. Xavier breaks free, they trade chops, Woods gets a series of kicks into a running knee, back body dropped to the apron, a gamengiri connects, a springboard roundhouse kick... NOPE! Cesaro puts Woods in to the ropes throat-first, blocks a wheelbarrow maneuver, off the ropes... ROLLING FACE ERASER!

Xavier heads up top, Sheamus runs interference, Cesaro with a schoolboy and his feet on the ropes but Kofi Kingston makes the save! Schoolboy of his own, Shining Wizard, Woods climbs this time and Big blocks Sheamus from doing anything by throwing pancakes at him and Kofi takes him out with a diving lariat off the apron! Woods perches, walks the ropes and dives, but Cesaro is ready...

Cesaro wins by pinfall with Swiss Death.

The Bar celebrate together on the ramp as Woods looks on with blood pouring from his mouth.

AJ Styles is backstage interviewed with the wound on his cheek from Backlash looking like nothing more than a giant hickey. He admits he got away from good taste by stooping to Nakamura’s level, but since Shinsuke isn’t done with him, he’s not done, and if Shinsuke has the... guts to step back in the ring with him, he’ll finish it. He might be the King of Low Blows, but this is the House That AJ Styles Built.

Becky Lynch and Mandy Rose are shown walking backstage separately, they have a match after the break.

Back from commercial, the camera pans over a hellacious landscape of tortured and twisted action figures until we see the Bludgeon Brothers.

Erick Rowan says they have their own set of toys and he’d like us to come play with them. Luke Harper says they’re waiting and they smash the camera with their hammers.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are pep talking each other up when Paige rolls up to remind them that Absolution is dead. They point out that she’s not their mom and they won’t abandon each other. Paige says she would have given them a heads-up if she knew that, because Sonya is barred from ringside.

Becky Lynch vs. Mandy Rose

Circling, collar and elbow, Rose with a waistlock and Lynch tosses her aside. Arm drag follows but Mandy bails for a moment. Back in, Dis-Arm-Her blocked with an elbow strike, into the corner, putting boots to the Lasskicker, hard whip to the corner and the dropkick connects! Running knee strike... NOPE! Reverse chinlock applied, swinging Becky around and mat slamming her when she seems close to escape.

Trading forearms, Lynch is fired up, hammering her, trying to take her down but Rose manages to get the ropes. Exploder suplex, charging forearm, Mandy blocks a springboard kick...

Mandy Rose wins by pinfall with an overrotated schoolboy pin.

Commentary recaps Daniel Bryan’s history with Money in the Bank before he makes his entrance for his qualifying match and sends us to break.

Back from commercial, we’re informed that New Day and the Bar will be in a qualifying match themselves next week, plus Andrade “Cien” Almas will make his debut.

Aiden English sings his man in in his usual fashion.

Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)

Test of strength, Bryan falls back and turns it into a wristlock, shift to a hammerlock, Rusev blocks with an elbow. Off the ropes, shoulder block, Dan picks the leg and starts setting the Romero Special up but he chooses to just stomp the knees and punt his arm instead of locking the whole hold on. Kicks to the arm, wristlock, Jim Breaks Special but Rusev reverses to a slam!

Kicks follow, off the ropes, the American Dragon with a low bridge... RUSEV CATCHES THE SUICIDE DIVE AND THROWS BRYAN OVER THE DESK AS WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Rusev hits a straight suplex and follows with disdainful stomps as Bryan tries to get back into it. Whip to the corner, backflip up and over, duck the lariat, off the ropes, flying clothesline and Dan’s fired up! Running corner dropkicks, Rusev is staggered, chest kick, Bryan sets him up top... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Yes! Kicks follow, Rusev ducks the buzzsaw, Accolade denied!

Crossbody caught, Black Hole Slam reversed, pin comes up empty but Rusev hits a roundhouse kick for a nearfall in return! Rusev calls for it, stomp to the back but his arm hurts too much to grab the Accolade! Bryan with wrist control, he gets the omoplata, rolls through into the Yes! Lock but Rusev is right in the ropes and forces the break! More kicks to the arm, Rusev returns one to the gut, German suplex but Bryan lands on his feet!

The buzzsaw roundhouse knocks Rusev out cold but the American Dragon ain’t done yet! Yes! fingers, Rusev rolls to the floor, slingshot dropkick and the diving knee off the apron! Back inside, headed up top... MISSILE DROPKICK! Kip-up, fired up, Dan lies in wait for Rusev to get up but the Bulgarian Brute counters the Busaiku Knee with an Alarm Clock-style knee. He charges out of the corner...

Rusev wins by pinfall with the Machka Kick, qualifying for the men’s Money in the Bank match.

Bryan sits on the apron in quiet contemplation of his missed opportunity.

That’s the show, folks.