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We don’t know what to think about Bobby Lashley talking about his sisters

It’s a question raised by our video team of Cain A. Knight and Stephanie Hatala above, and I honestly don’t have an answer.

Obviously, this was an attempt to humanize Bobby Lashley as a family man, demonstrating a bond to his sisters that’s strengthened over the years and drives him to want to represent his family in the ring. It’s a classic move to make a babyface relateable and give audiences a reason to want to cheer him.

But the choice of anecdotes? I mean, I guess you want to get across that Bobby can withstand some abuse (when it came from those close to him), but also stand up to it (when it came from someone outside the family)? But those connections aren’t clearly made - especially when we haven’t seen them demonstrated in a month’s worth of matches since his return to the company. And the closing attempt to tie it in to his “new family - the WWE Universe” really didn’t click.

The kiss of death for any interview, but especially a ‘Reality’ Era one like this, is to be inauthentic. And while I don’t doubt Lashley does love his sisters, the move to cut Renee Young off to tell that to the camera that was not natural. Nor did it really fit with the rest of the piece, except in that he’d been talking about his sisters.

Maybe this worked better for others, but I kind of doubt it. WWE decided to not show it in the arena on Long Island, running an Authors of Pain match which didn’t air on television instead, and seeming to indicate they knew it didn’t land quite the way they’d hoped.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders... what was Bobby Lashley talking about his sisters supposed to accomplish?

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