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Trying to make sense of WWE is a complete waste of time


Backlash was a terrible show. Were it not for Seth Rollins and The Miz tearing the house down in the opener, this may very well have been one of the worst WWE shows of the past decade.

So much of what they did made so little sense but there were a few problems that stood out most:

— Asuka, a killer with a long undefeated streak who no one was ready for, could not beat Charlotte Flair. Carmella, who needed James Ellsworth to cheat for her, is now beating her clean in the middle of the ring?

— Braun Strowman was so against the idea of having a tag team partner for his title shot at WrestleMania 34 that he picked a 10-year-old kid out of the audience to prove he could win the match on his own. He did exactly that. In the time since, he’s done nothing but work in tag teams and he’s been just peachy about it, totally cool with all of his teammates, even when one of them was Roman Reigns, of all people.

— AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura went to a double countout in their last WWE title match because they couldn’t stop getting dirty with each other, so Paige booked a No Disqualification match for Backlash “to ensure their match has a clear winner.” So what did they do? Double dick shots and neither man could answer a 10 count, meaning there was not a clear winner.

— In the main event, there was literally a spot where Samoa Joe had Roman Reigns in the Coquina Clutch and Reigns went to sleep. The match was not called. Then, despite the hold still being applied, he woke right back up and immediately got right out of the hold. He won with a spear shortly after. This match also featured multiple spots where Joe worked a hold and Reigns had one or even both hands totally free and he just sat there and took it.

Wrestling isn’t wrestling anymore. It’s just nonsense presented theatrically and because fans are perfectly willing to buy into it, it’s not ever going to be anything other than what it has become.

This sucks.

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