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Backlash 2018 results: AJ Styles is still WWE champion, and everyone’s penis hurts


Shinsuke Nakamura has shown two things over the past month: He cannot defeat AJ Styles clean, and he is exceedingly good at uppercutting Styles in the ball bag. Combine those two things, along with a double countout finish at Greatest Royal Rumble, and you get another match between the two at tonight’s (Sun., May 6, 2018) Backlash pay-per-view (PPV) at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Only this time, it was No Disqualification.

That meant they could do whatever they wanted without getting disqualified for it and, yet, they spent the majority of the match simply wrestling. One of them could have brought a baseball bat to the ring and gone to town with it but I guess dropkicks and dragon sleepers are more effective?

Shinsuke had the advantage for the majority of the match. The live crowd wasn’t much into it until he finally grabbed a chair from ringside to really get the party going. He could only get a two count with it, however, and when it came time to go for Kinshasa, Styles used the chair to throw it at him.

Of course, it bounced off and hit AJ in the head, busting him open and drawing blood.

Styles’ comeback included a forearm to the back of the head but when he went for the Styles Clash, that’s when Nakamura hit him with yet another low blow. This time, AJ fired back with one of his own and both men were down and nearly out.

They got back up.

And kicked each other in the nuts.

Then neither could answer a 10 count.

The referee called for the bell, to a chorus of boos.

AJ Styles is still WWE champion and there is still no satisfactory finish to this feud.

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