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Jason Jordan could return to WWE on Raw this week

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Just days ago, PW Insider was reporting that Jason Jordan is set to return to WWE soon after a long hiatus due to injury, one that forced him to miss the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 34. Now, they’re back with another report that says he is indeed scheduled to be at Monday Night Raw this week in Long Island, New York.

It’s a far different landscape than when he left it.

Jordan had been working an angle with Seth Rollins, where the two won and then lost the Raw tag team titles and appeared to be building to a match at WrestleMania in New Orleans. His injury was such, however, that his storyline father, General Manager Kurt Angle, sent him home to heal up.

So that’s what he did.

Now he returns with Rollins as Intercontinental champion — assuming he defeats The Miz at Backlash tonight — and his old American Alpha partner, Chad Gable, now a member of the Raw roster. Jordan was getting over in a big way before he left.

Will it be the same once he’s back?

We may find out sooner rather than later.