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Royal Rumble incident comes up on day 3 of Punk and Cabana vs. Amann

Day three of the CM Punk and Colt Cabana versus WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann trial emanated today (May 31) from a courthouse in downtown Chicago. The jury trial began this week as part of the the defamation suit Amann brought against Punk and Cabana based on their Art of Wrestling podcast episode in Nov. 2014.

Today’s proceedings were cut into a separate morning and afternoon session. WrestleZone’s Ross Berman covered the proceedings live from the Cook County Courthouse today and you can check out his detailed notes here and here.

The morning session was highlighted by WWE referee John Cone in a recorded video testimony.

Cone: “Are you ok?” Punk: “I’ve got a fucking concussion.” Cone: “Stay down.”

Cone is told “Tell Punk to stay down, we’re gonna send Kane to take him out early.”

Cone relayed the message to Punk. Punk responds “If you make me leave this fucking match, I’ll fucking quit now.”

Cone repeated the direction, but Punk pie-faced him.

Cone describes a pie-face.

Royal Rumble footage is shown and Cone identifies himself in the footage.

Cone confirms that he refereed matches for CM Punk between 10/2013-1/2014

Video testimony from Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, was also played in the courtroom.

Kane says Punk never made him aware of any lump or infection

Kane says he cannot recall wrestling Punk between 10/2013-1/2014.

Kane confirms he eliminated Punk “illegally” from the Royal Rumble, eliciting a chuckle from Punk in the courtroom.

Kane says the elimination occurred as planned, though possibly earlier.

Kane was not privy to Amman and Punk’s conversations.

The afternoon session featured a recorded video testimony from WWE’s VP of Talent Relations Mark Carrano.

Carrano confirms seeing Amman and Punk talk on camera. “He [Punk] seemed displeased.”

Counsel: “Did Mr. Brooks continue to wrestle after [Dr. Amman’s talk]?” Carrano: “Yes.”

Carrano says Punk never brought up a lump or infection.

Carrano says Punk brought up his concussion the next day, in Cleveland.

Carrano says Punk was in the arena until around 5pm.

Carrano says Punk voiced displeasure with Medical Staff.

Carrano says that Punk was concerned that future storylines were harmed by changing the elimination. Carrano also said that he had no knowledge of creative plans, so he didn’t know what change Punk was talking about. In the courtroom, Punk looked confused at this statement.

Colt Cabana, real name Scott Colton, also took the stand.

Colt confirms that episode 226, starring CM Punk was uploaded on 11/26/2014

Counsel brings up Colt saying the podcast has 3 million listeners but Colt only says “to the best of my recollection.”

Colt confirms that he told a childhood friend that the podcast has “almost 3 million listeners.”

Colt says he got that number through analytics.

Counsel brings up ep. 226 getting 1.5 million downloads in 4 days, but Cabana responds “I wouldn’t know.”

The above notes are just some of the highlights from day three of the trial, for complete notes check out them out here and here.

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