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Dean Ambrose debuts new look at game two of the Stanley Cup finals

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Well that Dean Ambrose heel turn is pretty much confirmed. Out of WWE in-ring action since Dec. 2017 with a severe triceps injury, Ambrose made an appearance last night at game two of the Stanley Cup finals in Las Vegas.

Ambrose, along with wife Renee Young, got to ride the Zamboni between periods as they cheered on the Golden Knights versus the Washington Capitals.

Also, Dean Ambrose now has a new haircut -facial hair combo, and everyone is freaking out about it.

Is Ambrose sporting a Sami Zayn inspired look on his face? Enjoying hockey, rocking a finely kept beard, married to the beloved Renee Young, is the country of Canada going to try to adopt Ambrose?

When WWE fans last saw Ambrose, he was getting his arm busted up by The Bar and getting written off TV due to injury.

After successful surgery and rehab of his triceps, the latest word was The Lunatic Fringe would be back with the WWE by summer or maybe even late spring. Earlier in the month Raw GM Kurt Angle even scolded fans for asking him repeatedly when Ambrose would return to the WWE.

When Dean Ambrose does return to the WWE, what will his role be on the crowded Raw roster?