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The Undertaker debuts on Instagram, posts picture of himself

Remember when your parents first joined social media? Yeah, that exact same scenario is playing out with The Undertaker this week.

Right now The Undertaker is all of our dads as they navigate the rocky waters of social media. After years of avoiding it, The Phenom now has an official Instagram page.

There is two ways this could go, either the WWE is controlling the Undertaker’s new Instagram page from afar or a 53-year-old man decided this was the week he needed to expand his brand on social media.

Personally, we really want to believe Mark William Calaway is actually sitting at his home in Texas trying to figure at the best angle to snap a pic of his breakfast so he can post it to all of his new IG friends.

Already excited about the big wide world of photos with filters, Taker, or the WWE employee tasked with running the new account, even posted his first Instagram post the other day.

The Deadman

A post shared by Undertaker (@undertaker) on

Does that count as a selfie? Is that a not cropped picture of a picture on a over-sized boxy computer monitor?

The Deadman is currently only following University of Texas Longhorns football team and Michelle McCool on Instagram.

Taker still does not have an official Twitter page and his Facebook page appears to be run by someone within the WWE who isn’t really invested in it. Please let this Instagram account be actually run by The Deadman himself.

What will Undertaker’s second IG post be? Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

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