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Daniel Bryan paid for Titus O’Neil’s Greatest Royal Rumble slip

Corey Graves already told us Titus O’Neil was hot when he (finally) got into the ring at Greatest Royal Rumble on Fri., April 27. O’Neil, of course, had just experienced the trip, fall and slide WWE would soon make sure was seen by every wrestling fan on the globe in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And as anyone who’s ever felt embarrassed can tell you, that $#!+ will make you angry.

Now, thanks to an interview with Inside The Ropes (a clip from which you can watch here), we’ve got the story from the guy on the receiving end of that redirected rage - Daniel Bryan:

“So this is what happened. I was in the ring, and keep in mind I had been in the ring for a long time. I didn’t know anything had happened. Titus slides into the ring and punches me in the face, like really hard. He’s got these big, huge hands and he’s just like ‘BOOM!’

I’m like ‘Woah, what happened?’ I was like enraged and I was was going to kick him in the face.

And then I glance up and you see the ‘tron and they played it like twelve times in a row of him tripping and falling and sliding under the ring. I’m like ‘you know what? I understand. I’m going to go over here. I’m gonna leave him be’ [laughs]”

What a guy.

Too bad Titus didn’t get to hit the guy who ordered the clip be replayed a billion times. But we all know what happened the last time he put his hands on that dude...

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