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UK Championship Tournament bracket is here, still no streaming details

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Make your picks!

The bracket was unveiled by Cathy Kelley in a video posted on and Twitter:

There still aren’t any details about when fans who can’t get to Download Festival in the United Kingdom from June 8 - 10, or Royal Albert Hall in London on June 18 - 19, will be able to see any of this action. A section for the United Kingdom Championship Tournament has been re-added to the list of shows on the company website. But in the bracket video, Kelley announces a Bracketology special for the tourney which will premiere on June 7 at 8PM Eastern without mentioning any other shows. She also encourages fans to follow for “more news and video coverage” of the UKCT.

We’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, head here for a printable bracket and let us know who you’ve got earning a shot to challenge Pete Dunne for the strap on Tuesday, June 19 below!