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Io Shirai says goodbye to Japan

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Pretty much everyone agreed it was a done deal when the reports came out earlier this week, and now both Io Shirai and her home promotion in Japan, Stardom, seem to have confirmed it. One of the best wrestlers in the world is leaving her home country to finally achieve her dream of wrestling in WWE.

In a post on her blog which was mostly dedicated to her love and gratitude for Stardom, its management and fans, Shirai wrote (or, I should say Google and Microsoft translate says she wrote):

“I’m going to leave Stardom with me aiming for a further leap of pro-wrestling life in the future.

The Korakuen Hall show on June 17 will be the last for Stardom.”

The company’s English language account also tweeted:

Shirai looked to be signing last year, and was thought to be involved in the first Mae Young Classic tournament, but issues with her physical kept WWE from offering her a deal. She’s since received a clean bill of health from Japanese doctors, and it looks like WWE’s medical team agrees.

No official word, but Tokyo Sports reported she’ll be heading to Florida after June 17, so this year’s women’s tourney is a possibility.