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Enzo Amore’s debut rap single addressing rape allegations will do nothing to change anyone’s mind about Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore, real name Eric Arndt, currently going by Real1, returned to social media last week after word came out the authorities in Arizona would not pursue criminal charges against him in response to rape allegations made by a woman online. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion promised to be in New York’s Times Square at 9PM Eastern on Memorial Day to “personally thank all of you who ever supported me”.

Ahead of that appearance, Real1 released a music video for “Phoenix”. It serves as both his response to the allegations and their fallout, including his release from WWE, and the first single from his new career as a hip-hop emcee.

It’s very Enzo, and will do absolutely nothing to cause anyone to re-evaluate their opinion of Arndt...

In case the title didn’t tip you off, there’s no doubt what he’s talking about. Or who he’s firing shots at, when things get started with an overweight, unkempt man in a garage yelling for his mother to leave him alone during “the 25th anniversary of wrestling” so he can do his “work”.

Enzo’s accuser’s statement went viral on the day of Raw 25, and was covered extensively by internet wrestling sites, so... you get it.

If you don’t, Real1 is wearing the “Today Is The Best Day Of My Life” shirt he was photographed wearing backstage at the taping for Raw 25 shortly before he was suspended. His first bars are “Listen up you sloppy jalopy son of a b****! Sitting on your f***ing couch, with your f***ing phone in your hand, doing your arm chair detective work … thinking you know what the f*** is going on.”

Interesting choice to go after “marks”, seeing as while many did disavow him in the wake of the scandal, you’d have to think the people who stuck by him are also wrestling fans.

Most of the lyrics focus on his accuser, and likewise don’t leave much to the imagination:

  • “Still I rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Middle finger to the sky grippin’ my …. consensual penis. Lyin’ ass hoe out in Phoenix.”
  • “B**** them wages gettin’ garnished for my image that you tarnished.”
  • “Naw I ain’t Bill Cosby, b***.”

He also says he was a victim of “gender persecution” and his being accused “hurts the #MeToo movement and our women’s revolution”.

So, there you have it. If Enzo is really moving away from wrestling and into a rap career, he may be leaving our radar screen. As always, he did it his way.

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