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Expect lots of WWE promotion on NFL and MLB broadcasts with SmackDown on Fox

WWE Superstars For Sandy Relief Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for WWE

There are tons of interesting elements to the story of how spectacularly well this round of television contract negotiations are going for WWE. One could even say there are BILLIONS of them.

Several thoughts spring to mind based on this paragraph from The Hollywood Reporter’s story about the value of the deal said to be putting SmackDown on the main Fox broadcast channel:

“WWE is said to have had an even higher bid from a third party - and enthusiastic interest overall. But WWE executives are said to have embraced Fox’s commitment to heavily promote SmackDown across a robust sports portfolio that includes the NFL and Major League Baseball.”

The $205 million per year Vince McMahon is reportedly accepting from Fox for SmackDown’s rights is already up from the $30 million it’s believed NBC was paying in the deal from 2010. What did they turn down from another bidder? Who was that? Amazon? Facebook? It sounds like Raw is still likely to stay with NBC, but could Fox or this third party swoop in with another enomormous offer?

Aside from that, the other tidbit here regards Fox’s plans for promoting their new property. The company recently picked up rights to five seasons of Thursday Night Football from the NFL to go along with their deal to broadcast the league on Sundays, which runs through 2022. Fox has Major League Baseball (MLB) locked up until 2021.

Who’s ready for Joe Buck bringing us back from a commercial in Patriots vs. Giants, or a Cardinals/Cubs game, by telling us to tune in Friday to see Roman Reigns overcome something?

And then there’s the fact NFL broadcasts could be promoting WWE while Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment are running a (non-competing, they claim) football league...

As another sportcaster once said, “what a time to be alive.”