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Sad news regarding former Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli and his cancer fight

It’s been several months since we’re posted an update on Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli and his years long struggle with brain cancer. Sadly, the news shared by Matt’s wife Lindsay in a heartwrenching blog post over the weekend is not good.

Cappotelli won the third season of WWE’s reality competition series (along with John Morrison), but was forced to retire from pro wrestling shortly into his developmental career due to his cancer diagnosis and surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. That 2007 treatment was deemed successful and life outside the squared circle went on for Cappotelli and his family - until last year, when doctors discovered the cancer had returned in a more aggressive form, that of a grade IV GlioBlastoma Multiforme (GBM).

Another surgery removed 90% of the tumor, but a portion was to close to his brain stem. That was being treated with chemo and other therapies, but Matt’s medical team has determined those treatments have done all they can, and its time to discontinue them.

From Lindsay Cappotelli’s blog:

“Here’s where we’re at right now: Matt finished his radiation treatments last week. Did they help? I don’t know. He’s sleeping a lot more. Having trouble chewing and swallowing. Not eating much. Not talking much, at least not in full sentences. It’s just been a slow, steady decline for the last few months. I think it was really too late for radiation....But who knows, maybe it is delaying things.

We went in last Tuesday for his infusion and talked with his neuro-oncologist about everything that we’ve been seeing with Matt, and he decided that we’re at the point now where we should discontinue treatments...I feel like it’s the right decision, even though it breaks my heart knowing that there is nothing else we can do. But I feel like we’ve done everything. All the supplements, the diet, the chemo, the radiation...

Matt has fought hard. He never gave up hope. He kept the faith. He never complained through any of this. Not once did I hear him say, ‘Why me?’ He still always thought of other people above himself, and anyone who knows him will tell you that. He is a true warrior.

It’s hard to know how he feels about discontinuing treatment, because he can’t communicate in full sentences most of the time. I know that it has to be hard for him though, because like me, he’s kept the hope that there would be something that would help him survive this. I know that he wanted to keep fighting. The only thing he did manage to say to me that day about not continuing treatment was, ‘It sucks.’ Yeah, it does. While sometimes I may have eloquent words to say about this situation, other times that’s the best way to describe what we’re going through - it just sucks.”

It’s as beautifully written as it is hard to read. But we recommend you read it - head here for the rest of Lindsay’s update.

What we really recommend is that what you join us in sending Matt, Lindsay, their family and loved ones thoughts, prayers or whatever means of sharing love, support and positive energy you believe in (and maybe even ones you don’t).

If you’d like to do something more tangible, there is a gofundme set up for the Cappotelli’s medical bills and living expenses during Matt’s fight. You can find that here.

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