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Noted lunatic Shane McMahon wrestled twice before getting hernia surgery

For most people, this would sound crazy. For Shane McMahon, it sounds normal.

Leading up to WrestleMania 34, WWE revealed Shane was hospitalized for a list of issues. Diverticulitus got most of the attention - it had almost ended Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s career, after all. But in the diagnosis rundown, there was also mention of an umbilical hernia.’s story on McMahon’s condition included mentions of his ongoing storyline with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, and it was an attack by that duo which was used to set-up their ‘Mania match to which the hernia was attributed. So maybe that was kayfabe?

Not if the website’s latest update is accurate... which also means Shane wrestled in New Orleans, and again in Saudi Arabia at Greatest Royal Rumble, in matches which included multiple Coast To Coasts and GETTING THROWN THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE, with an unoperated on hernia:

“Smackdown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon underwent a successful hernia surgery last Friday in New York, N.Y.

McMahon is currently resting at home, but he’s feeling well and is excited to get back to work on Smackdown LIVE.”

Of course he is. And once he gets back, he’ll probably be booked in a steel cage match for SummerSlam.

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