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Sounds like Chris Jericho made a whole bunch of money for working Greatest Royal Rumble

Regardless of your reaction to Greatest Royal Rumble or the controversy surrounding that April 27 show, we all know why WWE entered into a partnership with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Money talks, and not just for the McMahons and their shareholders. Chris Jericho spoke about his brief time in the ring at Jeddah’s King Abdullah International Stadium with The Mirror, and without getting into specific figures, confirmed talk that the numbers weren’t small:

“I know they must have been paid a whole lot of money, just by proxy of what I was paid ha ha. I was like ‘oh my gosh, really, you’re going to pay me that to do this? How much are you guys making?’

I always say I don’t do things for money but once in a while opportunities come up where you’re crazy if you don’t do it.”

There you have it. The Saudis were throwing around “crazy if you don’t do it” money.

Probably won’t change anyone’s opinion on this or future events, but now you have another talking point for the debate.

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