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WWE doubles down on Women’s Evolution PR at NBC Upfronts

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If you’re someone who finds WWE’s promotion of women’s wrestling to be hypocritical or even distasteful or even in the wake of that portion of their roster being unable to perform in Saudi Arabia, well, the presentation from Stephanie McMahon, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax - I mean, Lina Fanene - at NBC Upfronts isn’t going to help.

There’s nothing we haven’t heard before from any of these folks. But if you were hoping the story of the “This is hope” chant in Abu Dhabi or any of the other “Women’s Evolution” greatest hits were going to go away after WWE’s new partner apologized to their fans for women appearing on screen in their usual ring gear at Greatest Royal Rumble, I’m afraid I have to use one of Wade Barrett’s old catch phrases.

Here’s a clip of the presentation, delivered earlier today (May 14) in New York City:

Similar to their overlooking conflicts of interest to enter an emerging market in Saudi Arabia, this is what investors expect WWE to do... so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But if it makes it more difficult for you to suspend your disbelief with some of their on-screen narratives or just generally makes you uncomfortable, that’s certainly understandable, too.