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Charlotte Flair headed back to the States for dental surgery

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WWE’s crazy schedule, and especially the whirlwind pace of their tours of the United Kingdom and Europe, have been known to take its toll on the roster. Sometimes, that toll is more than just exhaustion - it’s actual injury.

The Spring 2018 trip across the Atlantic didn’t take long to claim its first victim.

Charlotte Flair got her teeth kicked out by a Carmella superkick in Oberhausen. It made for a cute Instagram video when the former Women’s Champ refusing to show her smile for a pic with a fan in Germany. It also added to her hectic schedule, as Wrestling Observer reports Flair is headed back to the United States for dental surgery but will return to the tour next week.

This doesn’t seem to have resulted in any change of plans for Charlotte’s other upcoming operation, a procedure to repair a ruptured impant which is supposed to take place after the European tour is over.

As far as we know, she’s still set to wrestle in one of the ladder matches at Money in the Bank in Chicago on June 17. She won that right by submitting Peyton Royce on the May 8 SmackDown, well after the implant issue occurred.

Get well soon, Queen.