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Thrice in a Lifetime

Busy week for Rock-related movie news. And Dwayne Johnson is getting so big, he’s grabbing headlines for films he’s not even starring in!

Last week, it was word the Paige biopic his Seven Bucks Productions made in conjunction with WWE Studios was moving its release date back to 2019. Yesterday (April 30), Rocky himself announced the casting of his old WrestleMania rival John Cena as the lead in The Janson Directive... and possibly set up a third match between the two if he runs into any Vin Diesel-esque issues with The Free Agent on set:

Cena’s excited to get to work on the Robert Ludlum adapation Johnson was originally set to star in when efforts to get it made first started back in 2014:

Are you excited to see Cena get his Jason Bourne on as a bodyguard on the run after an op gone wrong?