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#ThankYouPaige - Wrestling world reacts to Paige’s in-ring retirement

Earlier tonight (April 9) on Raw, Paige made official what’s been reported for months - due to issues with her surgically repaired neck, she can no longer wrestle. Four years after she made her main roster debut on the Monday after WrestleMania 30, and with a movie about the start of her WWE career on the way from Dwayne Johnson’s production company, she’s retiring at 25 years of age.

This has understandable brought a wave of reaction from around the business, expressing sadness about this aspect of her career being cut short, and gratitude to the woman once known as The Anti-Diva for her role in education the company and its fans that good wrestling is entertaining and marketable, no matter who’s doing it.

We here at Cageside Seats add our own thanks to Paige.

Please add yours, and share any others you’ve seen online, in the comments below.

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