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Woken Warriors team of Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt... we knew you’d come

He’s still Bray Wyatt, but as we saw last night (April 8) on the WrestleMania 34 Kickoff, the former WWE Champion obviously came out of Ultimate Deletion, and the Lake of Reincarnation, with a new attitude toward Matt Hardy and his Woken Wisdom.

And he’s definitely still not one to come right out and say something, but his reaction to helping Matt win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is clear enough:

As for The Woken One himself, well, he might be cryptic, but he’ll at least give us a lot to analyze:

A faction with the Bray/Matt team featuring Jeremy Borash as their official chronicler and HUMONGOUS WONDER #8 as their inanimate mentor?

Sounds... what’s the word I’m looking for?

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