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Walking with the immortals: The top 10 entrances of WrestleMania 34

Zach Tarrant for Cageside Seats

WrestleMania is, above all else, about spectacle. Yes, there is the culmination of the year’s stories and plenty of great in-ring action. But with celebrities, elaborate sets, pyro displays, it’s also about images and moments that will live on past the matches themselves.

This shines with the unique entrances that dot the action.

With that, let’s take a look at the top ten ring entrances from last night’s WrestleMania 34.

10. Mustafa Ali goes Sub-Zero

He may not have been able to come away with the victory and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but Mustafa Ali had the first memorable entrance of the show, coming out with a face cover that was shades of DJZ’s helmet and a light glove that made the whole package call to mind Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero.

9. Alexa Bliss on her highest pedestal yet

Putting herself on a pedestal is nothing new to Alexa Bliss. But she took it to the extreme at WrestleMania, with the Goddess descending from the heavens on a literal pedestal. Of course, her exit was not as glorious after dropping the WWE Raw Women’s Championship to Nia Jax.

8. The McMahon-Helmsley’s bring hell on wheels

Triple H loves his motorcycle (or motorized tricycle or whatever it’s called) entrances. So he and Stephanie McMahon driving down the ramp wasn’t a huge shock. But combine their American Badass-esque ride with a laser show and Steph doing the Triple H water spit and you’ve got a gem. That the match delivered beyond everyone’s wildest expectations only makes things better.

7. The Bar rides a float, Braun destroys it

Were I asked before the start of the show, the last people I’d expect to have come out doing a fun loving New Orleans parade float entrance would have been The Bar. But they did it and it was weird enough to be pretty awesome. But Braun’s entrance sending all the big-headed parade members scrambling was the cherry on top of the situation.

6. Seth Rollins is a white walker

In a much better nod to pop culture than Triple H’s Terminator entrance at WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins got the main card off to an excellent start with his nod to Game of Thrones’ white walkers. The Intercontinental Championship match delivered in spades, too, locking the entrance into the memories of wrestling fans.

5. Return of The Yes! Movement

There was a slight cornball element to the start of the video before Daniel Bryan once again walked the WrestleMania ramp as an active member of the roster, but transitioning it into the reach of The Yes! Movement and how it transcended the world of wrestling was a nice touch. And nothing extra was needed as Bryan walked to the ring to the deafening chants that define his time in WWE.

4. It’s Charlotte’s turn for the throne

At WrestleMania 30, Charlotte Flair was an extra as Triple H arrived on a throne for his match with Daniel Bryan. That night, Charlotte was with Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. Two of the three (Bliss and Charlotte) entered WrestleMania 34 as champions but only Charlotte left the show still holding gold. Things truly came full circle for Charlotte when she was the one on the throne, surrounded by extras during her entrance.

3. Balor Club is for EVERYONE

Inclusiveness can feel forced sometimes. It shouldn’t. But that’s the reality. Finn Balor’s recent run of pushing “Balor Club is for everybody” was taken to a new level with rainbow patterns on his gear and the New Orleans LGBT community flanking him during his entrance. It was a simple moment, not heavy-handed in the least but deeply meaningful. For those wondering where New Day’s entrance is on my list: It didn’t make the cut, in part because the “funny little people” shtick stood out in stark contrast to Balor’s much more meaningful statement.

2. The phenom walks again

He’s a wrestling zombie turned American badass turned wrestling zombie. It’s likely no other man could have made this work, but Undertaker not only did it, but made himself a legend in the process. Similarly, only the Undertaker could make an appearing and disappearing hat with CGI lightening work as a legendary entrance. He returned after a year’s absence with an entrance marked by the trademark combination of absurdity and goosebump-inducing drama and he conquered Cena with ease.

1. Nakamura gets the live band treatment

Nita Strauss, Alice Cooper’s amazingly talented guitar player, kicked off Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance ahead of his WWE Championship bout with AJ Styles. Live drums and violins met by the crowd’s singalong took it to the next level while Nakamura’s unique charisma provided the final ingredient for the best entrance of WrestleMania 34.

The match with Styles didn’t live up to expectations in some ways, but Nakamura’s entrance certainly did.

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