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What Daniel Bryan got to do at this WrestleMania in New Orleans that he didn’t get to do at the last one

Daniel Bryan’s memories in New Orleans have to be pretty epic. His night at WrestleMania 30 not only featured two wins and a WWE title, it served as the capper of one of WWE’s best long-term stories. Last night (April 8), he returned to the ring after three years and a retirement most of us believed was final - at least in the company that holds WrestleManias.

Which was better? He’ll probably have to wait for some perspective to make that call, if he ever can. But there was one thing he got to do at WrestleMania 34 which he didn’t get to do in 2014:

“She [his wife, Brie Bella] showed me a picture also that my sister took, of Birdie [their daughter] watching us being able to - me and Brie -being able to hug. And one of the things I actually regret that I didn’t get last time I was here in New Orleans - so that happened on a Sunday, the following Friday Brie and I were getting married, and I wanted to celebrate that moment with Brie, and I didn’t get a chance to.

And this one I did.”


Bryan also talks more about his mindset during the match, and Birdie Joe, in the above interview.

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