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WrestleMania 34 results: Brock Lesnar pins a bloody Roman Reigns to keep Universal title

Main event time in New Orleans as The Showcase of The Immortals approached midnight Eastern on Sun., April 8, and yes, there were boos as Roman Reigns entered the Superdome for his Universal Title match with Brock Lesnar... it was probably 50/50.

The Beast Incarnate, who Michael Cole reminded us entered without having lost since Survivor Series 2016, came out firing.

Shoulders in the corner and a trio of German Suplexes didn’t stop The Big Dog, however, who fired back with Superman Punches - knocking Lesnar in and out of the ring. On the floor, Brock responded by suplexing Reigns face first into the floor, then into the announce table. The Beast Incarnate went to work, stalking the ring and staring at fans who are supposed to hate him because he’s rumored to be leaving for UFC after this match.

During this time, it was return trip to Suplex City for Roman.

But after being thrown off the barricade, Reigns squirmed out of an attempt to put him through the announce table, and then speared Lesnar over that same table.

Bringing the champ back into the ring, The Guy put Brock down with a Superman Punch, then put him down again for two spears... but Lesnar kicked out.

Another spear attempt ran right into a high knee from The Beast, but Roman wouldn’t stay down for three. He’d go on to kick out of multiple F5s, a move WWE’s been protecting for this moment. It didn’t seem to have much of an effect on the crowd, still chanting “Let’s go/Sucks” at the challenger (with a bit of “boring” mixed in).

Lesnar finally made an announce table spot go to plan, F5-ing The Big Dog through one, then dragging Roman into the ring by his neck.

It was back to Suplex City for a while, as the crowd and Brock seemed to be enjoying the beatdown, but Roman kicked out again. After a straight right hand, Reigns was busted open and after another F5, Lesnar pinned Reigns.


Yep, the sure thing wasn’t a sure thing. And a guy we’ve been told all week was leaving the company left New Orleans with the Universal Title.

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