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WrestleMania 34 results: YES! Daniel Bryan’s return is a dream come true

He went with the gear inspired by his old gear, which was fitting as the crowd at New Orleans’ Superdome - the site of his greatest career moment at WrestleMania 30 - responded just like fans responded at the peak of Daniel Bryan’s YES movement.

But with several years of pent-up desire to see this moment, his in-ring return after we all thought he was done with WWE for good...

It was downhill after that. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn began their quest to win their jobs back by jumping Bryan and partner Shane McMahon from behind while their entrance music played. And The YEP Movement duo incapicitated DB with an apron powerbomb, leaving Shane to start the match as a two-on-one affair.

After an early flurry, the medics came out with a stretcher for Bryan while KO and Sami beat down McMahon in the ring. The heels targeted McMahon’s mid-section (he was just coming back from a hernia and diverticulitis, after all), but he managed to dodge a Helluva Kick and hit Coast2Coast.

But that left him clutching his stomach, and after a frog splash, it seemed like the end was here for the SmackDown management duo.

It was, of course, a way to set up The Beard for the hottest of hot tags. And it worked. First he broke up the pin from KO, then returned to the corner to reach out his hand. It took a while, and some cheers from those in attendance on April 8. But Shane pulled himself along the ropes for a tag, and with a smirk, Bryan was back.

He did seem to wrestle a little safer. Instead of a dive to the outside, he slid. Rather than cannonball of the apron, it was a high knee. The missle dropkicks were still there, but we knew that.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Owens distracted him, allowing Zayn to connect with a Helluva Kick. KO knocked Shane O’Mac from the apron to prevent a tag, and then hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Bryan.

Owens and McMahon canceled each other out, leaving us with a emotional scene where Sami asked his friend and mentor “HOW COULD YOU?!?!”, while punching him in the head. DB fired up, giving as good as he got, then leveling Zayn with YES Kicks.

The Knee That Beat John Cena (back when beating Cena was rare), and a YES Lock followed. Sami tapped, giving up his and Kevin’s jobs, and ensuring Daniel Bryan’s return ended as joyously as it began.

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