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WrestleMania 34 results: Ronda Rousey wins her first WWE match, submitting Stephanie McMahon


It took a few years, but WWE finally managed to sign Ronda Rousey to a contract to become a professional wrestler. After a month of prepping with appearances on Monday Night Raw, and a storyline all about the McMahon family wanting payback for WrestleMania 31, it all came to a head at WrestleMania 34 tonight (Sun., April 8, 2018) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It was an Olympic dream team, Rousey and Kurt Angle, taking on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

It was much better than anyone could have possibly imagined it would be.

They built the match around Angle taking a beating and the heels doing their best to make sure he couldn’t tag in Rousey. It worked for a while, and then “Rowdy” got in and ran wild on Stephanie, who was begging for mercy.

They set up for the armbar spot and the crowd was eating it up. But McMahon knew how to get out of it — raking the eyes. Stephanie was still completely out of her depth, and Ronda did what she wanted with her.

Triple H had to make the save, pulling her out of the ring after doing the same to the referee on what would have been the winning pinfall. Stephanie was out of it, leaving Trips in by himself with Rousey, who wanted to square up with “The Game.”

And he did.

And she beat the trash out of him.

Before she could hit her finish, Stephanie recovered and they battled to the outside. That gave the guys time to do their thing and they built to an insane false finish with “The Cerebral Assassin” kicking out of the Angle Slam.

When Steph got back in, she tried to attack Kurt but he blocked it and the crowd chanted for him to give her the Ankle Lock. So he did, but he ate a Pedigree shortly after. Only Ronda showed up to break up the three count.

“This is awesome” chants rang out.

They turned to boos when Triple H set up for the Pedigree, then turned it into a powerbomb that she countered with a hurricanrana right into the armbar. Stephanie got back in with a rear naked choke to break the hold but Ronda reversed that into the armbar again.

They set up for double submissions but everyone crashed into everyone.

Next time, they set up for a double Pedigree but the babyfaces countered and Stephanie was left alone in the ring to deal with yet another armbar from Ronda. This time, she finished the job.

Stephanie tapped.

Rousey is victorious.

And it was one hell of a match.

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