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Dolph Ziggler says he hasn’t re-signed with WWE, still considering leaving

A couple months ago, word started making the rounds that Dolph Ziggler had signed a new two year contract with WWE, and it was, apparently, a hell of a deal. This after he had been working a storyline where he left because he didn’t feel like he was being treated right, even forfeiting the United States championship before bailing.

Now, according to the man himself, those reports were never true and he still hasn’t signed. What’s more, he may choose not to.

From Fox Sports:

“I would love to get into that more but based on the internet, they told you I’d re-signed and I have not. ... We’re working on it now. There’s a deadline that’s approaching so very shortly. I have some options on the table to do some other things. I don’t take time off, I don’t like missing work and when I’m not there, I’m doing other things whether it’s FOX News, FOX Business, stand up comedy, improv, writing a book and a movie with my brother. I have a bunch of things going on and I don’t like taking days off and I don’t want to leave WWE but it’s great to have some options. I’ve asked before to go away for a little while just so everyone can forget I lose 99 times out of 100 and it’s never really come through, so I might have to do it on my own and see what happens.”

Ziggler was part of a Six Pack Challenge for the WWE championship in the main event of Fastlane just last month but was never going to win and immediately dropped all the way down the card after losing. He’s booked for WrestleMania 34 but in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the Kickoff show.

We’ll see if that kind of treatment makes a difference in his decision to stay or go.

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