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Doing commentary for WWE sounds like a miserable job

WWE Universe on Twitter

Whether or not you agree with what he has to say, it’s quite clear that Corey Graves is good at his job. He’s the color commentator for both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live each week, and he makes it seem easy.

It is not easy.

In fact, from hearing him talk about it, it sounds downright miserable.

In an interview with Trib Live, he talks about how often the shows change and what that does to the folks who are trying to call it. It’s a difficult enough job just considering that. Then, when asked how long it took for the higher ups at WWE to trust his judgement, he says this:

“It took a few weeks. Depends on the mood of everybody that day. A lot of times I’ll go 3 hours and not hear anyone except the producer counting me in. There are others where I can’t go 35 seconds without hearing every phrase. It depends on mood, story we are trying to convey. Maybe I don’t see something the same way. I usually have a leeway where I can be funny or give my point of view. Once in a while I will see something obvious to me but it’s not the goal and I’ll get the, ‘hey, why did you say this’ or ‘you left this out.’ It’s a never-ending evolution. Took a few weeks but they gave me enough trust.”

Graves says he’s happy where he is, enough so that he’s not even going to try to get cleared after seeing Daniel Bryan come back from concussion issues. That’s great for him!

Still, it sure sounds like a miserable job to me, especially considering the stories we’ve heard in the past from the likes of Jim Ross or Mick Foley.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on the Michael Cole’s of the world.

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