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WWE Hall of Fame 2018 video highlights: Broken tables, Karaoke, Salmon jacket, more!

  • WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Red Carpet
  • The Dudley Boyz put a stagehand through a table
  • Hillbilly Jim becomes “the luckiest guy on Earth”
  • Ivory glows with pride over the Women’s Evolution
  • Meet the WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Legacy inductees
  • Kid Rock gets serious about life on the road in WWE
  • Jeff Jarrett & Road Dogg sing “With My Baby Tonight”
  • Warrior Award recipient Jarrius “J.J.” Robertson roasts John Cena
  • Mark Henry wants to induct a few champions into the Hall of Pain
  • Goldberg explains what inspired his WWE comeback
  • Dudley Boyz reveal why Edge & Christian were a Hall of Fame surprise
  • The Dudley Boyz bring Tommy Dreamer to tears
  • Ivory, Molly Holly, and Lilian Garcia have a backstage reunion
  • Kid Rock’s WWE Hall of Fame induction was a “pleasant surprise”
  • Shawn Michaels talks his new haircut and Jeff Jarrett’s return
  • The Miz asks why he’s Jarrius “J.J.” Robertson’s “least favorite Superstar”
  • WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 receive their rings

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