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There are lots of things to complain about with WrestleMania’s Women’s Battle Royal

Women’s Battle Royal

Fitting that a match where even the initial announcement sparked controversy, the most intriguing thing about the first WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal is how much there is to complain about!

The Road to WrestleMania

WWE thought they were just going to excite the fans with more HISTORY, but a bunch of those fans remembered some allegations about the Hall of Famer who The ‘E named their Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal-equivalent-for-women after, and told Snickers about it.

Moving forward with a totally generic name (they should have just gone the “truth in advertising” route and called it The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal-equivalent-for-women), they unveiled a trophy... and got clowned for that.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing since then, either.

Even with a record-setting three matches featuring women on the main card, including the first one-on-one title matches at The Showcase of The Immortals in more than a decade, the ladies don’t have as many opportunites to get on the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of WrestleMania. Because of that, a lot of performers fans believe “deserve” more are getting booked into this multi-person affair.

People like former champions Becky Lynch, Naomi and Natalya. Future Hall of Famer Mickie James. Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella, and everyone from the two big factions called up recently, The Riott Squad and Absolution.

Then there are these two. Like Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks are lynch pins of WWE’s Women’s Evolution movement. Unlike The Lasskicker, they’re in the midst of a long-program with one another that recently, finally turned into a feud.

Putting The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection in the battle royal, and extending their story for a future payoff down the road has been acceptable to some in the WWE Universe, but not to everyone.

Throw the thing on the Kickoff instead of the main card?

Like I said, there are lots of things to complain about with WrestleMania’s Women’s Battle Royal.

What’s at stake?

And here’s another. As of this writing, we have no idea what’s on the line in this match.

Stripping it of a Hall of Famer’s name and giving it a curiously designed trophy leaves us without even the giant legacy card The Andre can play. Instead we’re left with things like “bragging rights” and “history” and vague talk about this improving the winner’s standing for a future title shot.

In all likelihood, the last woman in the ring on the Kickoff will continue on as she was before WWE headed to New Orleans.

So we can look forward to complaining about that.


Who wins?

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  • 35%
    Becky Lynch
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  • 1%
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  • 21%
    Sasha Banks
    (212 votes)
  • 3%
    (34 votes)
  • 3%
    Mickie James
    (35 votes)
  • 4%
    (44 votes)
  • 2%
    (26 votes)
  • 4%
    Ruby Riott
    (40 votes)
  • 11%
    (115 votes)
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