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Daniel Bryan says he still might wrestle as ‘the old Daniel Bryan’ at WrestleMania 34

This new “WrestleMania Diary” video from WWE is, on the surface, just a fun tease of what Daniel Bryan will wear to the ring on Sunday night, April 8, at WrestleMania 34 when he makes his in-ring return after being out for three years due to injury.

But in weighing whether to go with a Seattle Seahawks-inspired color scheme or his traditional maroon and white, the man who will team with Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the Superdome this weekend reveals he’s still weighing a decision which is potentially a much bigger deal:

“One is more of a traditional Daniel Bryan gear and one is a completely new Daniel Bryan gear. And that’s kind of an interesting idea that I’m toying around with as far as even how I wrestle - is it the old Daniel Bryan, or is it philosophically an entirely new Daniel Bryan?”

In the past, when it still looked like he’d never get cleared by WWE medical to wrestle for the company again, Bryan’s said he would work a “safer” style upon returning. And he could be talking about non-physical aspects of his performance here, and not necessarily saying we’re going to see a diving headbutt on Sunday.

But, if you were already concerned about the possibility of DB getting injured or doing long-term damage to himself, this probably doesn’t reassure you.

We’ll find out what decisions he’s made come Sunday.

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