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Roman Reigns says having a full-time wrestler as champ is best for WWE

He’s not a good guy. He’s not a bad guy. He’s just a Big Dog who may or may not close the show at WrestleMania for a fourth consecutive year.

Roman Reigns recent four year run in the WWE has been remarkable way to start off a singles career. The perfect ending to Reigns’ journey dating back to WrestleMania 31 would to have his hand raised after a win over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 this Sunday.

A huge part of his feud with Lesnar is Reigns positioning himself as a full-time guy while the current WWE Universal Champion already has one foot out the door.

Speaking this week with the New York Post to promote WrestleMania 34, Reigns twisted the knife a little more when talking about his beef with Lesnar.

“So for me it’s very simple: Not only will it help fuel this fire between Brock and I, it will get some truth that needs to be said a little bit. Some people need to hear this stuff because this has kind of been a thing. Brock’s not the only part-time guy. But there are a lot of full-time guys that are never gonna, as a collective, reach our potentials if we are dominated in this portion of the year by part-time guys.”

Reigns continued

“Whenever you have a champion who is on every single live event, every single house show, every single appearance that’s scheduled, it changes numbers. It’s true. I’ve seen it before. The tour we had after I beat Triple H in Dallas [at WrestleMania 32] the numbers didn’t lie and it’s not going to be any different [this time].”

Roman Reigns out here preaching about what’s best for business?

The numbers behind having a part-time versus a full-time champion and how it affects the WWE’s bottom line is an interesting talking point. In the current reality era it could have even been used by Reigns in a promo and it wouldn't have felt too out of place.

Reigns would also go on to address the fact despite going against Lesnar, he still often gets booed by WWE live crowds.

“I’ve kind of always been that way, even before I wrestled. You kind of even like me or you don’t. The people that like me, I make sure there is a reason for you to like me. I’m kind to those who are kind to me and I live a life where I think it’s nice to be nice, so why not be nice?”

“With that being said, if you’re not for me I’m not just going to shift my day and, ‘Oh God, what can I do to make you like me?’ No, I’m gonna do my thing and stick to my guns. I’m going to be the man I was raised to be and do my thing.”

Love him or hate him, all signs point to The Big Dog era beginning at WrestleMania 34. How will this Universal title reign from Roman Reigns compare to previous times spent WWE World Champion?

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