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Triple H spoils a future McMahon family power struggle angle

A touching video of famous father’s proudly discussing moments when they realized their daughters were already empowered young women destined to change the world, from the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up, a non-profit working “to empower adolescent girls around the globe”?

Or Triple H spoiling an upcoming angle where his daughter stabs her grandfather in the back and steals WWE out from under Vince McMahon?

“We were having a conversation about WWE and her family business and my wife [Stephanie McMahon] said if she worked hard and she put forth all this effort that she could do what she was doing one day. And as serious as could be, looked at her and said ‘Oh. I don’t want your job. I don’t want Dad’s job. I want Pop’s job.’

Pop. Vince McMahon. The Chairman and CEO of the company. The founder. She wanted the big role.”

There’s still some mystery, as he doesn’t reveal which of his and Stephanie’s three daughters is coming for Mr. McMahon.

And there’s lots of good stories in the video from Girl Up’s #DadSquad that will warm the hearts of fathers - and anyone involved in raising and educating young women, or who just believes in gender equity.

But seriously. Watch out Vince.

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