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John Cena’s garbage explanation doesn’t make any sense

Let’s take a break from obsessing about where Undertaker is to ponder this point from our video aces Cain A. Knight and Stephanie Hatala.

John Cena finally addressed the “can’t you just book yourself onto the show the way you have in the past?” question about his current angle on the April 2 episode of Raw. According to The Free Agent, he has to either face Taker at WrestleMania 34 or sit in the seats because he doesn’t want to take a spot from a full-time wrestler.

But that doesn’t hold any water, because not only is WWE clearly holding a place for him on the card - and there are multiple other bouts he could join without costing another guy his spot.

Let us know if you agree that this was a plot hole Cena and the writers probably should have just left alone rather than give us another reason to roll our eyes at the build to his match with The Phenom. And if you enjoy this video and the conversation it inspires, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where Cain and Stephanie are regularly producing starting conversations with work just like it!

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