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Everybody in SmackDown’s main event scene wants to wrestle Daniel Bryan

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn get to do it on April 8 at WrestleMania 34. Even though AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura will be fighting for the WWE Title in their own dream match, both guys keeps talking about it.

Everybody in SmackDown’s main event scene wants to wrestle Daniel Bryan.

It’s understandable. If you planned to keep working for WWE, the option of wrestling Bryan - a man whose in-ring skill is so legendary he has his own Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award named him - was a fantasy as recently as a month ago. Now it’s on the table again, especially for blue brand Superstars.

And that has Styles and Nakamura thinking.

Shinsuke even brought it up in his tweet from immediately after news of DB being cleared by WWE to perform again broke, and he reiterated his desire to wrestle The Beard in a recent interview with The New York Post where he says one of the reason he came to this company was to work with Bryan:

“So, I join the WWE and soon he needed to quit. That was shock to me. Huge shock.

Next dream match for me.”

Styles, who came to The ‘E at roughly the same time Nak did, had a similar answer when chatting with IGN:

“There are a few things that I’m selfish about and selfishly I’ve been wanting to wrestle Daniel Bryan in WWE for a long time. When he got hurt, I just figured it wouldn’t be a possibility. But now that he’s back, my mind is racing and I can’t wait to meet him in the ring. I’m so happy he’s back and able to live out his dreams and follow his passion.”

Is a match against Bryan also at stake on Sunday? Would it go to the winner, or the loser, of the WWE Championship?

Aa if we needed another reason to tune in to WrestleMania, and this dream match between The Artist and The Phenomenal One...

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