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Even more CONTROVERSY from Greatest Royal Rumble

WWE Network

Did Roman Reigns’ feet hit the floor before Brock Lesnar’s? What’s WWE doing working a show where the hosts apologize for their women’s roster appearing in their normal attire?

Okay, one of those things is infinitely serious than the other. But the point is there was a lot of controversy during Greatest Royal Rumble in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last Friday (April 27).

And it keeps coming!

Turns out neither Hornswoggle or Shane McMahon were ever eliminated from the main event. And not in a Curtis Axel, 2015 Royal Rumble-kind of way. They entered the match and participated. But when they were sent to the floor by Tony Nese and Braun Strowman, respectively, they hadn’t exited over the top rope.

Swoggle went between the bottom and middle rope on his way to attempt a tadpole splash on Kofi Kingston before Dolph Ziggler and Nese worked him over on the apron... a face WWE itself is still promoting:

And Shane crawled under the bottom rope (at Daniel Bryan’s direction - it happens at approximately the 4:49 mark of the WWE Network stream) while still recovering from the Coast To Coast his hit on Braun. There’s also some debate on whether or not his feet hit the ground after the eventual winner threw him through the announce table, but presumably, he would need to stand up at some point, so we’ll overlook that. Royal Rumbles live on the “sliding out under the ropes instead of not going over the top one means you weren’t eliminated” rule, though.

McMahon’s non-elimination is the trickier of the two. Not because he was likely to take out The Monster Among Men to win the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy and Championship, but because if he wasn’t removed from the match by Strowman, Reigns still owns a piece of the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble.

Of course, unlike the public relations and ethical dilemmas, WWE can alter the story to deal with Hornswoggle or Shane’s situations. Intercontinental Champ Seth Rollins even has a fun suggestion for how to handle one of them!

Odds are they’ll just ignore ALL the CONTROVERSY and continue with business as usual, though.

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