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John Cena only wants to be successful so WWE is more successful

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John Cena’s reputation as a WWE “company man” is well-earned. And something he’s not shy about embracing, either.

The podcast interview these quotes come from isn’t new - the episode of Chris Hardwick’s ID10T was released back at the beginning of April when Cena was first promoting Blockers - but they’re still interesting. Especially as folks are doing armchair psychology on the 41 year old in light of the end of his relationship with Nikki Bella, and wondering just how far the company, Cena and Bella might go to use that to promote Total Bellas and other WWE projects.

After discussing how lucky wrestlers working for The ‘E are, and questioning the motives of anyone who gets into the business to get famous, Cena tells Hardwick:

“For the longest, my goal - I’m a weird case because I love the company I work for. I am a company man. I know that I will not perform anywhere else in pro wrestling outside of the WWE because I love the company I work for. You have this life arc of - I would like to become a professional wrestler, I would like to earn a WWE contract, I would like to become a champion. Then, when you ask yourself why you would like to become a WWE Champion and when you broke that down, it was so more people could enjoy WWE.”

Cena also clearly loves performing in the way wrestling allows him to, and wants to change the world’s perspective on the men and women in the business from, as he says, “Oh, it’s those guys,” to “Oh, wow, okay, this kind of works”.

But when explaining why he got into acting, he’s back to saying he did it for the good of Vince McMahon’s corporation:

“I didn’t want to do movies... but the business model made sense. If I take a WWE performer and make him a movie star, then that is more eyes on WWE. Got it! That works with my mission statement, I am going to do this.”

He does talk about how he loves acting now, because after his first few efforts like The Marine and 12 Rounds were unsuccessful, he figured out how it was similar to performing in the ring, but it all comes back to how he represents his main love - WWE:

“It is a different thing because you don’t have the heartbeat of the live audience, but I get to still be creative in my own way... I never thought of crossing over other than the reason to change perception of what it means to be a WWE performer.”

That is a company man. Is it any surprise that, regardless of whether none or all of his engagment was a work, a marriage would have come second?

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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