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This time Tommaso Ciampa has gone TOO FAR

You can betray your tag team partner, attack him at his lowest moment, cost him a championship and get him fired. But even when the person you’re doing all that to is beloved underdog hero Johnny Gargano, it’s not quite as bad as spoiling the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster.

Which is what Tommaso Ciampa pretty much did on Sunday.

One is a guy from Cleveland living his dream with the love of his life. The other is the culmination of ten years worth of movies some fans have been waiting to see play out on screen since their childhood. Gargano will be okay no matter what. Avengers: Infinity War viewers may never recover.

The conclusion of Avengers 3 was so precious the directors of the film send out a plea weeks before its release asking early viewers to keep it to themselves out of respect for folks who wouldn’t get to see it until later.

Now, when a movie breaks every box office record in existence on its first weekend in theaters, it’s debateable how many people who are worried about being spoiled haven’t already treated themselves to seeing Infinity War firsthand. And, Ciampa doesn’t go into a lot of detail. If you’ve read the 27 year old comics which inspired it, or paid attention to any of the marketing of this movie or its already announced and filming sequel, his tweet isn’t going to catch you completely off-guard.

But still, if you haven’t seen the movie and care about going in blind...

SPOILERS (and really good heeling) AHOY:




The Mad Titan is a bigger villain than The Sicilian Psychopath (50% of the universe > Johnny Wrestling). But Tommy Entertainment is catching up fast.

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