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WWE Raw viewers hold up against NCAA National Championship Game

WWE held the WrestleMania 34 go home episode of Monday Night Raw this week in Atlanta and while that may normally mean a bump in viewers, they were actually down slightly from last week. That’s due in part to some stiff competition from the NCAA college basketball National Championship Game.

This week’s show drew 3.35 million viewers, down a bit from last week’s 3.36 million.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 3.43 million
Hour two: 3.32 million
Hour three: 3.31 million

Those are really strong numbers that held up throughout the entire show, all the way to the closing segment when Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns squared off for the final time before their Universal title match in just a few more days. They also had the appeal of a possible Undertaker appearance, though WWE ultimately didn’t deliver on that.

Next week’s episode is sure to be one of the most watched of the year.

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