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Undertaker vs. John Cena is happening, come on

We’re all still wondering just what the hell is going on with this storyline with John Cena, Undertaker, and WrestleMania 34. The long and short of it is that they’re both losers and one loser is trying to summon the other loser by telling him how much of a loser he is so he can avoid being such a loser he actually has to attend the show as a fan.

It’s painfully lame.

Especially because the match is definitely happening.

I mean, come on. Of course it’s happening.

You don’t spend this many weeks building to the match without paying it off. That’s simply not how this business works. The promotion for the match hasn’t been the match itself but the idea of it. Still, they have to deliver.

Our assumption was that Undertaker would answer on Raw, so they could advertise the match and finalize the card. When they didn’t do that, it caused confusion, naturally, but they haven’t stopped telling the same story.

Cena is back with his usual Instagram shenanigans:

A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

And even went so far as to publish a story that reads an awful lot like a match preview, complete with a graphic for the match that includes the following:

So, what now for Cena? With The Undertaker offering no answer to his challenge, perhaps the showdown between the two iconic Superstars is simply not meant to be. Is Cena destined to experience this year’s Showcase of The Immortals as a spectator? Will he aid another Superstar to victory or perhaps offer his expert knowledge of The Grandest Stage of Them All as a guest commentator? Or, is there still a chance that a match between John Cena and The Undertaker may take place?

Find out this Sunday at WrestleMania, streaming live on WWE Network at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT!

Yeah, it’s happening.

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