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WWE 205 Live results (April 3, 2018): Kalisto vs. Murphy

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live as it airs on WWE Network.

The finals of General Manager DRAKE MAVERICK’s Cruiserweight Championship Tournament are set, and April 3’s show from Nashville will definitely continue building toward Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali’s battle for for belt at WrestleMania 34 this weekend. After a week of strong words from both men, will things get physical between the two friends tonigh?

Plus, after seeing Mark Andrews deal with Tony Nese, DM THE GM decided to honor his plea for a second chance at Drew Gulak after 205 Live’s Submission Magician served up a punishing loss to the Welsh high-flier during the Title Tournament.

We'll post match results and plot developments here. And this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- Voiceover guy informs us Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa will get a chance to settle/continue their issues with Lucha House Party when they face Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado tonight. He hypes “The Best Kept Secret” Buddy Murphy’s match, then says we’ll get a special preview of Sunday’s Title Tournament final in New Orleans.

- Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami vs. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik ends in a no contest after a brawl breaks out when Itami almost unmasks Metalik

Itami stats with Metalik and takes him down and lays in some kicks, but taking a bit too much time to jaw with Dorado lets the luchador take control, get a nearfall and make a tag. After another two count from a standing moonsault, Metalik back in. Hideo slips out of suplex for a tag. Tozawa with a flurry ending in a senton, but Metalik rolls him over in a crucifix for two. He answers a handspring back elbow attempt with a drop kick, then makes another tag. Itami knocks Dorado from the apron. A double-team move gets a nearfall, and another tag, followed by another.

Metalik eventually lands a drop kick after Hideo taunts for a bit too long once again. Dorado returns the favor, knocking Tozawa off the apron when he gets tagged in, then getting the better of some striking exchanges. He eventually sends Itami bouncing to the ground a handspring cutter. Lince, then Akira, then Metalik dive. Back in the ring, there’s some confusion about the legal man leading to a weak cover from Dorado. Metalik tags in and goes for his Driver, but Itami slips out and tries to get the mask off, leading to the match-ending brawl.

The post-bell fight is won by the Japanese wrestlers, and Hideo again targets Dorado’s knee.

- Drew Gulak is backstage to address allegations he’s playing mind games by asking for his match against Mark Andrews be delayed so he can recover from his match with Tony Nese. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He wants Andrews at 100%. Drew was going to prepare an elaborate Powerpoint presentation to explain in detail why he kept the Dragon Sleeper/Gu-Lock on the Welshman after the bell. But he only needs one. Gulak calls for the monitor to show a slide saying “Because I could...” Drew promises to do the same to anyone who gets in the ring with him.

205 Live on Twitter

- Mark Andrews gets a selfie promo to say this isn’t about high-flying vs. mat/submission-based wrestling, Drew crossed a line in their tournament match, and next week it’s going to be Andrews vs. Gulak to prove the Cruiserweight Crusader messed with the wrong underdog.

- Tony Nese def. Jonathon Pierce via pinfall following a Running Knee-se

We see an “earlier today” video with DRAKE MAVERICK giving Nese a pep talk after his loss last week, saying he’s going to put him right back into action tonight.

Pierce was cocky while getting in some early offense, but then this turned into showcase for The Premiere Athlete you’d expect. Big forearm shot on the floor, springboard moonsault, backbreaker from Nese en route to the finish.

- Kalisto is checking on Dorado’s knee in the trainer’s room when Buddy Murphy enters.

The Aussie lets him know tonight isn’t personal, and he’ll make it quick so the former Cruiserweight Champ can get back to his friend.

- Buddy Murphy def. Kalisto via pinfall following Murphy’s Law

Murphy shows off his power early, but we still get a stalemate. Kalisto answers more ground work with speed, making Buddy chase and eventually sending him to the floor with an enziguri and arm drag. The “Lucha” chant is cut-off when Murphy slams Kalisto into the corner and puts the boots to him. They trade submissions, then Kalisto works fast for a two count off a tornado DDT. On the apron, though, the Aussie turns the tide with a BRUTAL looking running suplex.

After a cover and a few strikes, Kalisto gets a kick off after a whip to the corner to get both men a breather. Back and forth ends with Murphy rolling out after a slam, but Kalisto dives on him, the brings him in to spike him with a hurricanrana for a nearfall. On the floor again, and Buddy monkey flips the former champ onto the announce table. Kalisto beats the referee’s count at 9.99. The trade strikes again, then a counter into a powerbomb from Murphy gets two, as does a big knee strike.

Crowd is actually chanting “205!” as Buddy tries to get his opponent up top. Kalisto fights him off, and nearly ends it with a sunset flip powerbomb. The luchador fires up and goes for Salida Del Sol, but Murphy slips out. Kalisto tried to fight out of Buddy’s finisher, but could not.

- DRAKE MAVERICK offers his congratulations to Murphy, but that’s not why he’s here. He wants to take a moment to reflect on what they’ve done with the purple brand over the last few months. That’s because of the 16 men in the tournament, and the two men who will wrestle in front of 70,000 people and their friends and families. He encourages fans to make sure they’re watching on Sunday, for the debut of Ronda Rousey and the return of Daniel Bryan, but Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander will be the match which will have everyone saying, “I was there when they crowned a new Cruiserweight Champion”.

- Short but really effective hype piece for Alexander/Ali recaps their journeys through the tournament and pushes the heart vs. soul face/face build for Sunday

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