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What wrestlers are Sam Roberts and Peter Rosenberg talking about here?

Peter Rosenberg joined Sam Roberts for a special episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and one of the first topics they touched on, naturally, was social media. To that end, they both gave interesting quotes on it regarding wrestlers and how they deal with it.

From around the 11:45 mark of the above video:

Rosenberg: “We live in a world now where people say negative stuff all the time. Wrestlers deal with it all the time. We know, from getting to be around, how much there are certain people who are really affected by what people say. There are people whose matches end and they’re sitting there on Twitter and you can see they’re scrolling through right away to see what people think.”

Roberts: “I’ll never say who but there are certain giant stars in the WWE, in popularity, that have Twitter alerts, like the tweets come up on their phone on the lock screen. And I’m like ‘I can’t believe that.’ I don’t know, it could be just verified. It might be. I hope it’s just verified people. It must just be verified people because the phone would never stop. But I saw somebody’s phone just going crazy with... And I’m like... it just seems torturous. It doesn’t seem like there could be anything constructive to come out of this.”

So who do you think they are talking about?

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