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Actually, Daniel Bryan loved getting his chest blistered up in the Greatest Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan spent well over an hour wrestling in the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia today, and his body bears the marks from it. We can thank Roderick Strong for that. And while you may be cringing upon looking at D-Bry’s chest, he feels the opposite.

Actually, he’s thrilled:

“I’m disappointed but man, I had fun out there. What a pleasure to be able to go out there... Roderick Strong was out there. This is from Roderick Strong. I haven’t wrestled Roderick Strong since 2009, this is the first time we’ve seen each other and the first thing he does is blister my chest up. And, you know, I like that kind of competition. I like that kind of grit and ‘let’s get after it.’ It fires me up. It was midway through the match and I’m starting to get a little bit tired and I’m starting to get a little bit winded and then I saw -- not that he’s an old friend, but he’s an old rival, and I see him and he starts lighting me up and then it brings that fire back in you. Then you start to feel it a little bit more. I don’t know if you can tell at the end, I stopped being tired. When Kevin was down in the corner and Shane was going up, it’s just like ‘you know what? Screw this.’ You have to pour out every single thing that you have and that’s what I tried. Unfortunately, it didn’t go my way tonight.”

This is what he so badly wanted to come back to after three years away. Try not to be happy watching Daniel Bryan in this video. You can’t do it.

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